Our Mission

Established in February 2015, nomVnom strives to provide mouth-watering modern vegan food that is innovative and appealing to both vegans and non-vegans alike.


Every effort is made to ensure the quality and freshness of our food and beverages served at nomVnom.


In the grand scheme of things, our goal is to play our part in the sustainability movement and help Mother Earth and the animals, by keeping the world spinning through promoting plant-based fast food.


Our Buns

We feature handmade, wholesome burger buns made with ingredients such as unbleached white flour, unrefined sugar, natural yeast, sea salt and filtered water. Our buns are prepared by toasting them for a healthier and non-greasy option. 


Our Patties

We use imported and in-house handmade patties, made with ingredients such as soy, potatoes, mixed vegetables or mushrooms. All patties are free from dairy, eggs, onions, garlic and alcohol.



Our Soups

Our soups are made daily to ensure freshness. No preservatives, artificial flavoring or colouring are added. Experience true goodness in every spoonful!


Our Fries

As with any fast food chain, a burger is incomplete without fries. We serve a variety of fries, ranging from regular straight-cut fries, healthier sweet potato fries and luxurious truffle fries served with an in-house made truffle mayo dip to complete your meal!


Our Bakes

Pastries are an area that we are always exploring and have achieved success, like when we first rolled our Naked Chocolate Cake and Banana Cake. Our cakes are made with vegan ingredients without any artificial flavoring, colouring or preservatives. Since then, we have expanded our range to offer macarons, creme cakes and cheese cakes.

Founded by Dr Ng Wai Lek (PhD)

Vegetarian since 1989, vegan since 2015